Virtual Cheeky Chinchillas

Welcome to the Cheeky Chinchillas Virtual Pet Chinchillas

This site is part of Cheeky Chinchillas. It is just for fun, playing games and adopting Virtual Pet Chinchillas.
To play a game, just click on the menu at the top of this page and chose either:
Chinchilla Pair Game, Willow and Twigs, Chinnie Chequers or Sudoku.

You can also adopt a Virtual Chinchilla
N.B. For information about 'real' chinchillas please click here go back to Cheeky Chinchillas

To adopt one of the Virtual Chinchillas, you need to register.
Once you have registered, you can login and adopt a virtual pet chinchilla.
Then you can:
Earn points playing: Cholla - Hay - Willow
Exchange points for money
Visit the Store and buy food and items for your pet
View News Messages
View Top Users and check your score against theirs

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